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The WoollyWormit is an All-In-One Auto and Wheel Brush Cleaning Tool for cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles).

The patented tool is effectively one long semi-rigid and flexible handle wrapped entirely in a soft microfiber chenille cover, with a functional and unique removable lug nut cleaner extending out from one end. There is no plastic or wood handle to get in the way of cleaning. Any part of the WoollyWormit body can be grabbed and conveniently handled per the user’s desires.

Unlike most brushes that have a foam body with a metal or plastic spine, or of a twisted metal wire, the WoollyWormit is constructed of flexible rubber-like material with an internal metal spine. This design allows the body to maintain the desired shape, as needed, but does not hold excessive amounts of heavy water. Unlike many brushes, this tool has no exposed metal that makes contact with the vehicle surfaces.

With a tapered and narrowed tip, the brush fits in and cleans behind the spokes, the inner rim, tiny spaces, corners and indentations, with ease.

The length and width is such that it can fit between/through most spokes and reach clear across the entire inside of the rim (without having to reach hand inside of rim).

The lug nut cleaner is designed to clean the exposed surfaces of the lug nuts, and the hard to reach areas of the rim cavity surrounding the lug nuts. The lug nut cleaner is constructed of a flexible but semi-rigid plastic material that supports a cleaning sponge.

The lug nut cleaner can be removed after cleaning the rims’ lug nuts, while the brush is used for cleaning the rest of the rims, or for cleaning the car body, etc.

The cleaning sponges are removable and replaceable as needed.

The heavy Chenille microfiber cleaning cover holds plenty of water and suds for optimal cleaning. There are 2 pull loops to assist with putting the cover on, and to hang the brush for storage and drying.

The cover is designed to be removable for cleaning and to change out covers when needed. Different covers can for used for different purposes – rims, car body, engine compartment, etc.

The Product Does The Following:

  1. Cleans the large rim/wheel surface areas (face, inner rim);
  2. Cleans tight corners and the concave surfaces, and between spokes & other openings
  3. Cleans simultaneously around lug nuts and the rim areas inside lug nut openings
  4. Cleans back sides of “spokes”, for both narrow and wide spokes
  5. The spine is bendable so user can shape the tool to fit the shape desired
  6. Brush is relatively light, as the brush core does not absorb water
  7. Cleans the entire auto body and glass surfaces of the vehicle
  8. Cleans most rims and lug nuts, with two sizes of lug nut cleaners and matching cleaning sponges


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mr. Philip Murphy
Stupid Name - Great Product.

Well so far it's proved good to use and fit for purpose. The articulation allows good access behind the wheel face and into those annoying recesses behind spokes. Washing of the material sleeve was easy enough too.

Gary Leach

brilliant product and excellent service, arrived quickly and well packaged +++++

John COX

You won’t find a better all round wheel brush than this.

The WoollyWormit - a good all rounder

It's a great brush, well made and does everything you need from a wheel brush all in one really.

The foam wheel nut cleaner on the end works well, although doesn't fit over my locking nut as there's not enough space between the nut and wheel to fit the foam in.

The brush bends really well and cleans the back of the spokes with ease. It's also thin enough to fit between wheel and brake caliper on my car too.

You could use this brush to clean the whole of the wheel, including the face, although I did find that a bit fiddly at times so will use my old "wheel wash mitt" for the wheel faces as I usually do in future, purely because it's quicker.

No regrets with my purchase though, very happy with it.


Bought this because I have always had problems with the EZ style brushes not going between my brake callipers and the brake shields. Also I have that annoying channel on the inside edge of the wheels that you can’t get a brush too easily.
With this it gets everywhere no problems and because you can bend it it gets into the channel and the back of the spokes. Was very surprised how much dirt came out. Also as an added bonus you have the wheel nut attachment so saves having yet another brush. Go get one they are awesome.



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