TAC Systems Refinish 3 - Machine Polishing Finishing Compound

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Item number: REFINISH3
Use : Refinish 3 (R3) is a finishig polish designed to provide the highest levels of gloss possible.
Net content : 250ml/1000ml

Theory of Refinish Series
Polishing compounds have developed the style of the abrasive from its original irregular shape that easily crumbled during polishing work times. The issue with these broken abrasive pieces was often damage to the paint surface. The size of this first generation polishing compounds varied between 70~20µm. when operating on the paint surface, for best performance, the user needed to use from big sized particles to the small particles sequentially. If did not apply step by step from the small size polishing compound as the last step, there will left big swirl marks on the paint work. But even so, it still difficult to clean the swirl mark perfectly. The second generation of polishing compound adopted an octagon shape. Developed accordingly to prevent the abrasive from breaking and damaging the paint surface during the polishing time. The size of the abrasive of the second generation polishing compound varied between 20 to 2µm, and was also required to be used sequentially, in order to remove the swirl marks. However, as with the previous generation it had difficulty for removing the swirl marks clean.
The first and second generation polishing compounds are oil-based, and many other companies have not developed beyond this second generation stage. TAC has manufactured the third generation of polishing compound, the series of Refinish 1, 2 and 3. R1, 2 and 3 are using on the water-based paint surface and have adopted a tetrahedron shape for the abrasive. If taken from the front, it looks triangle in shape. This innovative design creates a stronger cutting force then the past generations of the polishing compound. The cutting force of Refinish series will decrease until the water dries out, eventually becoming zero.  There are resins contained in the R1, 2, and 3, at the point in time for water dries out, the solvent will come out and the resin will enclose all around the triangles, letting them become smooth so they do not damage the paint surface.

Why your car needs polishing?
There are three basic layers of the paint surface, the primer layer, color layer and the clear coat. When there is dirt, scratches, and other contaminants on it, the paint surface will not look so glossy. Usually these scratches, dirt and contaminants are on the clear coat.  When our eyes accept more reflected rays from the surface, then it is more shine.  After polishing work, the surface will become clean and smooth, therefore the direction of most reflection lights will be same, and from visual perception it is glossy.
Usually the scratches are on the clear coat, after polishing work will remove them. Of course if some of the scratches have gone through to the color layer, if so you should take other steps. 
Refinish 3 (R3) is a water based finishing polish suitable for all paint finishes.  R3 is TACSYSTEM final step paint polishing compound, which is designed to be used after Refinish 1 or Refinish 2 to provide the finishing high levels of gloss.  R3 is formulated based on nano particles of both glass and silica sand, which offers very little cutting power.  R3 will leave a superior high gloss finish and can be used alone on paint finishes where the correction from Refinish 1/2 is not required.
1. Shake product well before using. 
2. Start with a foam/wool buffing pad. Used pads may obtain contaminants that can scratch the surface. 
3. Apply enough products on surface to work. 
Store in cool dry space. Keep product out of reach from children. Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice. Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.

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