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If you are after epic levels of gloss, sharp reflections and the ultimate metallic pop, Nova Lustre is the spray coating for you.
The durable Sio2 based spray coating forms a super slick glossy layer over the surface that can also fill in minor defects if need be. As a standalone spray coating expect to see up to 6 months durability.

With an effortless application, Nova Lustre will transform your vehicle. You will reach new levels of gloss and clarity that has never before been reached, along with durable protection, and immense water beading. Maintenance will be effortless, and your car will be looking great all year round.

Enter the future of car care with Nova Lustre.


  1. Spray directly onto the surface or onto a dry or damp 4seasons microfiber cloth (Fluffier, higher nap side)
  2. Work into the area applied, take your time and make sure you apply right up to the edges
  3. Wipe off with a clean side, or separate cloth. Low nap microfiber works the best (Other side of a 4seasons cloth)
  4. If you are experiencing hazing on wipe off (as on some protective products it can take longer to adhere) wait 20-30 seconds before your second dry wipe.
  5. Allow 2 hours for curing

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alan Kelly
bling bling bling

5 star all the way. Easy on, easy off then bling bling bling

Jon Tucker
NV Lustre

Lustre is similar to the current and increasing range of easy to apply / buff off spray toppers / sealants. Applied out of direct sunlight, I used two cloths, the first being a short nap towel to level down etc. It left the paint feeling very silky smooth and slick.
However, although it's chemical composition is different, I feel that it's not radically different in terms of use / impact to products of 10 years ago - remember the excellent Werkstat line? I feel it's expensive relative to similar current products and I'm anticipating a real world UK winter durability of up to 3 months on a non garaged daily driver. It is easy to apply though - but so is Moonlight, Cancoat if you have spent time preparing your car. But that's the difference - I think it's more of a super topper and maybe TAC offers something that's better value?
Nor would I use it with NV Boost. I found the latter to be a dust magnet on a black car and replaced this with Nanolex Final Finish instead.
So - is this a case of the Emperor's new clothes, another super topper to use on a well looked after car? I'll leave you to experiment and come to your own conclusions!

Stephen Draper
NV LUSTRE | High Gloss Spray Coating Review.

Hi All, I would like to share my experience using NV LUSTRE | High Gloss Spray Coating.
The vehicle Mercedies Benz A.M.G Line A Class in Mountain Grey which is not the ideal colour to make Sparkle. As the vehicle was new, I did not have to do much Decontaminating
however to obtain the best from these products I did go the extra mile.
I first used TURTLE WAX CERAMIC + GRAPHENE PASTE WAX 156 G which I gave two coats. This application gave the vehicle a deep shine as well has high water repellence.
On receiving NV Lustre this product gave the vehicle a very high gloss shine. The vehicle feels silky to touch and the dirt and bug deposits flake from the paintwork once touched.
So far, I am very impressed with NV Lustre with the shine and the protection that it gives. I presume that you would have to reapply this product every 3/6 Months to retain its durability.

Michael Taylor
Amazing stuff

So easy on and off and the results are just ridiculous, left my solid white paint looking wet and feeling silky, Sandro wasn’t wrong about this product!


Delivery was prompt after placing order. This product is without doubt the best I've used in a while. A valued customer for sure!



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