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The EZ Detail Brush is just what your vehicle needs to get totally clean right down to the tiniest details. The EZ Brush bends, curves and reaches to clean spaces large and small all over your car. 

The EZ Detail Brush reaches between spokes and even between the brake caliper and the wheel’s edge. Even though this looks like a thick brush, the flexible bristles flatten to squeeze into small openings.

The soft Nylon Nylex bristles will not scratch any coated, painted, polished, plated, or blank metal surface. Each bristle has a unique, multi-edge structure that provides excellent cleaning power, and the bristles bounce back to their original shape after each use

The EZ Detail Brush features an amazing, bendable stem that bends to the contours of your wheels. It’s so flexible; you can bend the top half of the brush to one side and then insert it between the spokes to clean the interior rim of the wheel (the side that faces underneath the vehicle).

The synthetic bristles are chemical resistant, so feel free to use your favourite wheel cleaner. For the best results no matter what wheels you have, always use a water-based wheel cleaner (some examples are shown below). This safe cleaner contains no caustic agents and will not pit or dull any type of coating.

The tip of the EZ Detail Brush is covered in vinyl to prevent accidental scratches and scrapes. A rubber knuckle guard protects you from getting too close to hard metal edges. An ergonomic handle keeps you comfortable while you clean.

We’ve emphasised how well the EZ Detail Brush fits into tight openings, but what about wide-set spokes? This brush has a diameter of approximately 125mm to also clean large wheel openings.

The EZ Detail Auto Brush is a great gift for anyone that has ever struggled with cleaning their car alloy wheels. Spoke or wire, chrome or painted – the EZ Detail Auto Brush has the right angle on cleaning wheels!

Product Size: 450mm x 120mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Matthew Hiley

Excellent product - works extremely well

Huw Williams
Ez detail wheel brush

What a cracking brush for cleaning the wheels. It's soft and flexible and seems to clean mine and the wife's wheels perfectly. It's certainly made wheel cleaning easier for me.👌

Tom Pierce
Brush off the competition

Excellent brush - Can see why they are so sought after. Quality build, quality results!

Dan H
Works well

Gets right into the wheel barrel easily, including the tight spots. Glad I bought it.

Jon Timson
Wouldn’t want to be without it!

Love this brush, really helps to get into those awkward wheels with gaps and spokes that you can not get other wheel cleaning tools or your hand with a pad into.

I recommend keeping an eye on damage to the rubber tips after a while of use and replace/cover with additional tips/caps to ensure the metal core does not punch through and cause damage.



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