Detailing Kingdom Solid S2 (50ml)

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Has your car’s coating faded? Are the water marks stain obvious? Are you able to distinguish the best coating for your car?

There are no easy answers to these searching questions in view of the various brands available, coupled with a lack of knowledge and the spread of false information.

After a decade, these products evolved into a more advanced stage and has become more reliable today since its inception.

In this new era, we have also decided to blend Silicone & Siloxanes that has birth forth
technological sophistication and ease of use in the design of Coatings. Detailing Kingdom (DK) is inspired by self-cleaning and water repellent effects found in plants and animals of the natural world. We are obsessed by the superamphiphobicity, superhydrophobic and superoleophobic effects that drives our commitment
in spearheading a new generation of Coatings.

If you are a car enthusiast or someone serious about raising the standards of your detailing business, SOLID S2 will display Coating excellence and leave you enthralled by its artistic performance.

Though no recipe is perfect, SOLID S2 can make that distinctive difference and be a challenging force to the detailing industry far and wide. It has also been proven to excel in all our tests on environmental hazards.

SOLID S2 is........
absolutely terrific, energetic and electrifying.

Durability wise, Solid S2 will provide protection of up to 2 years.

Shake well before use.
Solid S2 can be used on all surfaces including paintwork, wheels and glass.
Extract SOLID S2 using the pipette and drip reasonably onto the microfiber. Ensure cap is replaced onto the bottle to avoid content being exposed.

After dripping SOLID S2 onto microfiber, place the pipette into a proper container.

Fill the pipette with IPA when not in use. Release the IPA and repeat cleaning it with water several times before using it.

Apply vertically & horizontally in cross hatch pattern. Always work on small panels to ensure proper spread.

Application of a “single” layer is sufficient.

Remove/wipe down Coating after 10 minutes. * 10 minutes is based on Asia temperature which is 34 Celcius with 80-90% humidity.

In an environment where ambient is drier in the range of +- 15-25 Celcius, there should not be much difference in waiting 10 minutes to wipe down.

If temperature drops below 12 Celcius and is dry, an additional of 3-5 minutes is needed before wipe down the coating.

* It is advisable to try out on a small panel.

To remove or mopping up the coating, do use a microfibre towel with a minimum of 300gsm.

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SolidS2 - sensational

Great product, easily applied leaving a stunning gloss and great water behaviour!



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