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Extreme Slick Synthetic Quick Detailer (16 oz)

Why Buy This Product?
  -  Super shine quick detailer and slick clay lube
  -  Streak-free in sun, shade, or humidity
  -  100% synthetic formula
  -  Enhanced shine, protection, and versatility
  -  Reduces surface friction and static by up to 75%
  -  Works great on any color paintwork
  -  Gentle formula won’t strip wax, sealant, or vehicle coatings
  -  Helps wax coats last longer for more protection and shine

How It Works
Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer restores a deep wet shine in between full washes and details. Quick detail sprays lubricate the surface whenever wiping up light dirt and smudges, a crucial step to scratch and swirl-free buffing and wiping. Use Synthetic Quick Detailer to remove light dust, fingerprints, bird droppings, insects, and fresh water spots from exterior automotive surfaces. Synthetic Quick Detailer takes any wax or sealant coating to the next level by adding super-slick gloss and extra depth and shine. The new and improved Synthetic Quick Detailer formula features refined wetting agents for extended worktime in the sun or humidity, updated gloss enhancers for extra shine on any color paintwork, and gentle cleansers that protect wax and sealant coatings for extended protection over time. Synthetic Quick Detailer is formulated with polymer resins to enhance and protect any color finish. Anti-static acrylic wetting agents reduce static charge up to 75% as the product is buffed and dried, cutting down on static cling of airborne dust and dirt. Synthetic Quick Detailer doubles as a slick and effective clay bar lube for unmatched versatility when detailing any car. Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer keeps your vehicle looking cleaner and shinier for longer.

100% Synthetic Formula
No wax, no sealant, no streaks, just a pure, synthetic shine with an amazing gloss. Extreme Slick Synthetic offers a streak-free shine with stunning results on any color paintwork. Our wax-free synthetic formula ensures that Extreme Slick Synthetic Detailer can function on any painted surface along with metal, chrome, stainless steel and even glass. Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer brings a smooth finish to any surface with just a simple wipe of a microfiber towel. The unique formula even allows the Extreme Slick Synthetic Detailer to be used in direct sunlight. Step into the amazing world of pure synthetic car care with Chemical Guys Extreme Slick Synthetic Detailer.

What’s New With Synthetic Quick Detailer?
Synthetic Quick Detailer is reformulated for extra shine, worktime, and protection of sensitive automotive surfaces. Special acrylic wetting agents and lubricants in Synthetic Quick Detailer remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints without scratching paintwork or metal. Extra lubricity makes Synthetic Quick Detailer a great clay bar lubricant, perfect for restoring a smooth-as-glass feel. Decontaminating automotive paintwork, metal, and glass is easy with a Chemical Guys clay bar and Synthetic Quick Detailer. Improved worktime in sun, shade, and humidity make Synthetic Quick Detailer a great detailing choice for any environment at any time of day. Use it the day after a car wash to remove light dust and dirt, or right before a car show to win the top shine prize. Caustic cleaners, corrosive contaminants, airborne pollution, and industrial fallout degrade the performance of wax and sealant coatings. Use Synthetic Quick Detailer to remove contamination and dirt between full car washes to help maintain the strength of wax and sealant coats for longer protection against the elements.

Full-Synthetic Detailing
Synthetic Quick Detailer creates a streak-free shine with stunning results on any color paintwork. Synthetic Quick Detailer contains no wax, no sealant, and leaves no streaks—just pure synthetic shine and gloss. The wax-free formula works great on automotive paintwork, metal, chrome, stainless steel, and glass. Use the slick synthetic formula to remove dirt, debris, bird droppings, brake dust, and road grime without scratching sensitive paintwork. Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer restores a smooth finish with a single wipe of a microfiber towel. The fully-synthetic formula cleans and shines all paint colors in between full washes, and helps wax and sealant coats last longer. The versatile formula of synthetic quick detailer cleans and shines, and can be used as a clay bar lubricant to make any paint finish feel smooth as glass. The synthetic blend is pH-balanced, so it can even be used in direct sunlight without causing spots or stains. Make the switch to full-synthetic car care with Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer for extended protection and extra shine.

Super Slick Anti-Static Formula
Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer gently removes dust and reduces static-cling on automotive surfaces like paintwork and glass. Buffing and wiping with traditional quick detail sprays creates static electricity that attracts airborne dust, dirt, and pollen. Synthetic Quick Detailer is blended with specialty lubricants, anti-static technology, and slickening agents that reduce static caused by surface friction by up to 75%. Less static attracts and traps less dust and dirt over time, keeping your car cleaner for longer. All clay bar decontamination services require a lubricant to help the clay bar glide across the surface of the vehicle. Clay bar services remove embedded contaminants stuck to the paint that produce a rough feel, block light, and oxidize paint over time. Chemical Guys premium clay bars are hyper-elastic and chemical resistant, making them extremely effective and easy to use. Synthetic Quick Detailer provides exceptional lubrication for fast and safe clay bar treatment on any vehicle. Use Synthetic Quick Detailer to clean, decontaminate, and shine any automobile.

How To Use:
  -  As A Quick Detail Or Maintenance Spray:
  -  When using in very hot direct sunlight always mist on towel not surface, this will eliminate a hot surface from drying the product before you have an opportunity to even touch it with a towel.
  -  Simply mist on towel or surface.
  -  For the best results, use a microfiber towels to attract dust and minimize the risk of scratching.
  -  Do not use the same towel on your paint and glass that you have used on your wheels, wipe off with clean towel or microfiber towel.
  -  Mist after washing, while drying or anytime to for a fast dry with a superior shine.
  -  Excellent when sprayed on towel and used to remove creme or paste waxes that have hardened.
  -  Superior surface shine when used as a final cleaner to remove smudges or smears left behind from waxing or sealing.

As A Clay Bar Lubricant:
  -  Wash surface well with Premium Car wash Shampoo prior to claying a surface.
  -  Shake well.
  -  Work in areas about the size of a car door or half the hood.
  -  Generously spray a light mist over clean surface.
  -  The objective is to keep the paint surface and clay well lubricated with the liquid detailer so the bar picks up the embedded debris in your paint but yet can still glide smoothly across the surface without the risk of scratching the surface.
  -  Continue lightly rubbing the clay over the surface until it moves freely.
  -  Occasionally wipe off any residue with a towel and proceed to the next areas.
  -  If clay is hard to move or appears to resist easy wipe off, re-mist the cleaned area, then spray lubricant liberally over surface.
  -  For deeper cleaning when clay barring, only use Clay lube and never shampoo and water. This will extend the life of your clay bar as well as offer superior surface lubricity providing a nice slick surface for the clay to slide across.

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