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Why Buy This Product?
   -   Premium quick detail spray with carnauba wax
   -   Lubricates and cleans light dirt and debris without swirls or scratches
   -   Natural Carnauba Wax for UV protection and wax coat strengthening
   -   Enhances a brilliant mirror shine on any color paintwork
   -   Easily removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, fresh water spots, bird droppings, insects, and more
   -   Works great as a clay bar lubricant
   -   Also available in a gallon size

How It Works

P40 Spray Wax With Carnauba is a premium quick detail spray that cleans and enhances a brilliant shine on any color vehicle. The innovative quick detail spray is blended with slick lubricants, streak-free cleaners, and natural carnauba wax for superior gloss with durable protection. P40 removes light dirt, dust, fingerprints, fresh water spots, bird droppings, and smudges in between full washes and details. Regular maintenance with P40 keep cars cleaner, reduces surface contamination, and extends full detail service intervals. The ultra-slick quick detailer lifts and lubricates light dirt and debris for a scratch-free cleaning anywhere, any time. Works on paintwork, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, and much more. P40 Detailer is perfect for quick detailing at the car show to restore a just-waxed appearance, or for removing bugs after a quick road trip. Simply spray and wipe away dust and grime with a premium microfiber towel. P40 Detailer Quickly restores a just-waxed appearance to any vehicle, and strengthens any wax or sealant coat for extended protection. P40 Detailer gives any color paintwork a brilliant mirror shine in minutes. Clean, shine, and protect any car with Chemical Guys P40 Detailer.

Great All Around Quick Detail Spray
Detailers and enthusiasts love quick detail sprays for the convenience of quick cleanups in between full washes and detail services. P40 Spray Wax With Carnauba is perfect for removing light dirt and dust after driving to the car show, or stuck on insects and bird droppings while on a road trip. Slick lubricants help lift any abrasive dirt or debris to maintain a scratch-free shine on any color paintwork. Keep a bottle of P40 in the car to take care of bird droppings wherever they happen, before they can cause permanent etching. Maintain wax and sealant coatings for extended protection and shine with the premium carnauba wax blended right into P40 Spray Wax. Use the slick lubrication of P40 for premium clay bar services and remove any embedded contamination to restore a smooth-as-glass finish, and as a necessary step before machine polishing or wax application. P40 Spray Wax With Carnauba is a fantastic choice for any type of quick detailing needs and jobs on any vehicle.

Premium Natural Carnauba Wax
Some quick detailing jobs only need a light cleaner, some also need a gloss enhancer or spray sealant, but some paint finishes look best with natural carnauba wax. P40 Spray Wax With Carnauba is blended with premium Brazilian carnauba wax to enhance the warm wet shine that enthusiasts know and love. Only carnauba wax finishes with the signature warm glow and deep wet shine on any color paint finish. Reds glow with warmth and vibrance; blues show off their depth and complexity; whites and light grays drip with pure wet reflection; and black absorbs and reflects back with an aura of elegance and mystery. Maintaining any wax or sealant coating with P40 Spray Wax extends the lifespan of the coating, and restores that “just waxed” or “just detailed” look that enthusiasts strive for. Use P40 after any car wash, road trip, or whenever the mood strikes to restore the signature warm lustrous shine of natural carnauba wax.

n Ounce Of Prevention Is Greater Than A Pound Of Cure
Leaving objects out to the elements causes damage. With regular weekly car washes, one only has to remove light dirt, road grime, and brake dust that builds up after just a week of driving. But just like used dishes left for more than one night, if a car is left dirty for longer, more filth, pollution, and contamination builds up, corrodes, and causes damage that requires more aggressive cleaning and detailing steps to restore a smooth finish with pure reflection. With proper care, a car needs only be waxed 2 - 4 times per year. Regular weekly washes and a spray of P40 Spray Wax With Carnauba helps maintain the strength and reflection of any wax or sealant coating on any vehicle. Whether using P40 as a drying aid after a full car wash, or for quick cleanups to remove dirt and dust on its own, regular maintenance with P40 detail spray reduces the aggression and amount of products and steps needed to keep any car looking great. Add P40 Spray Wax With Carnauba to your detailing arsenal to clean, protect, and enhance any vehicle.

ow To Use:
-   As A Quick Detail Spray
   -   Lightly mist P40 Detail Spray over any light dirt, dust, or fingerprints.
   -   Gently wipe the offending particles with a premium microfiber towel in one direction.
   -   Flip to a clean, dry side and buff any streaks away to perfection.
   -   Use P40 to clean paintwork, glass, clear plastics, and polished metal parts.

As A Clay Bar Lubricant:
   -   Wash surface well with premium car wash shampoo to remove abrasive dirt and debris.
   -   Shake P40 Detail Spray well.
   -   Focus on 2" x 2" area for faster service.
   -   Mist a generous amount of P40 over the surface.
   -   Gently rub the clay bar over the rough paintwork, glass, clear plastic, or polished metal pieces.
   -   Continue lightly rubbing the clay over the surface until it moves freely.
   -   Wipe off any residue with a microfiber towel before proceeding to the next area.

  -   Can be used as a waterless carwash
   -   Added carnauba provides superior results in sun or shade
   -   Provides great shine and protection
   -   Will not strip or remove waxes or sealants
   -   Can be used on glass without streaking

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