Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Wet Tire Shine 16oz

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Why Buy This Product?
   -   Premium oil based dressing
   -   Extreme shine tire and trim dressing
   -   Restores new black look
   -   Prevents fading from sun
   -   Plastic & rubber restorer
   -   Optical-select enhancers
   -   Penetrates deep for long-lasting results

How It Works
The Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 product line took quick detail sprays and car wash soaps to new levels of gloss, shine, and protection. Now detailers everywhere can have the same bright wet shine on tires, textured plastic, and vinyl bumper parts and trim pieces with Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine. Chemical Guys R&D blended a premium oil-based dressing with signature Hybrid V7 optical select gloss enhancers and UV blockers into a slick sprayable formula. Mist a light coat of Hybrid V7 Tire Shine over faded plastic mirrors, bumper parts, grilles, and grates to restore a deep-black new look. Spray a premium foam applicator pad and work Hybrid V7 Tire Shine into any tire sidewall. Make any tire from stanced low-profile tires to nubbly offroad tires look new, fresh, and wet. The easy-to-use formula finishes dry to the touch; simply wipe any excess product to avoid dripping, running, and any tire sling all over the sides of the vehicle once you drive away. Fans of the brilliant luster and deep-wet shine of Hybrid V7 now have the perfect tire shine to compliment their glossy paintwork: Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine.

Fan-Favorite Hybrid V7 Shine
Chemical Guys stunned the detailing community with the introduction of Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant And Quick Detailer. Never before had anyone seen such deep gloss, ultra wet shine, and crystal clear reflection from one wipe with a detail spray. The addition of spray-sealant technology added immense value by protecting and prolonging the newfound shine against the harsh elements that dull paint over time. Chemical Guys one-upped themselves with Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Suds Car Wash Soap. Just like that, detailers and enthusiasts enhance the same levels of extreme gloss and shine at every car wash with the gentle soap. Now the Hybrid V7 lineup expands with a premium high-shine sprayable tire and trim dressing. Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Shine Tire Spray delivers the same dazzling effects of wet shine, deep gloss, and restored color for rubber tires, plastic trim, and vinyl accessories. Spread a coat of Hybrid V7 Tire Shine over tire sidewalls, bumper trim, door mirrors, grilles, grates, wheel wells, mudflaps, engine bays, and any other exterior part that needs a bright wet shine. See why professionals and enthusiasts buy Hybrid V7 by the gallon and experience the brilliant glossy shine of Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Shine Tire Spray today!

Extreme Durability And Protection
What’s the use of dressing tires and bumpers if it all washes off a week later? Chemical Guys believes that tires should stay looking wet and shiny even after one rainstorm, so product specialists blended the dressing with weatherproof ingredients. Now one application of tire shine keeps tires, bumpers, and trim pieces looking deep black, shiny, and glossy for weeks on end. Normal car washing with Chemical Guys car wash soaps won’t destroy the beautiful wet shine of Hybrid V7 Tire Spray. Water splashed up from puddles beads and rolls away from dressed surfaces and parts. Powerful UV blockers actively reject harmful solar rays that fade and discolor plastic and rubber parts in the first place. Treating tires and trim with Hybrid V7 Tire Spray keeps vinyl, plastic, and rubber parts looking newer for longer than leaving them alone. Throw away your dad’s tire wet, and see why detailing professionals, hardcore enthusiasts, and weekend warriors all made the switch to Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Shine Tire Spray.

High Gloss Shine
Hybrid V7 Tire Shine is a premium tire dressing that creates a super wet appearance on all tires. The optical select tire wet creates a high gloss shine that last for weeks. Hybrid V7 Tire Shine is designed for a super wet appearance and extreme durability. The sprayable tire shine is formulated using advanced UV blockers that prevents rubber tires from fading and cracking. Hybrid V7 Tire Shine is weatherproof for a long lasting shine in all seasons. The innovative formula creates a high gloss shine that restores and conditions rubber tires. Hybrid V7 Tire Shine instantly bonds to the tire and eliminates sling-off onto body panels. The super glossy finish makes Hybrid V7 Tire Shine the perfect choice for any car show winner. Works great on all tires, bumpers, fender liners, and exterior plastic trim. Hybrid V7 Tire Shine repels water and dirt to last through rain storms and car washes. Just one application gives a brilliant shine with durable protection. Give your tires a high gloss shine with Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine.

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