Chemical Guys Full Function Power Atomizer & Pump Sprayer (50 oz)

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Full function high pressure detailing sprayer
  • No noise, no electricity, no waste
  • Pre-marked measures help you mix products correctly
  • Heavy duty construction: ¼’’ thick vessel performs under pressure
  • Waterless detailing saves valuable time over traditional methods
  • Works with car detailing products: waterless cleaners, dressings, quick detail sprays, etc.
  • Clean any detail any part of any vehicle, anywhere, any time

How It Works
The Full Function Atomizer & Pump Sprayer is the single smartest detailing tool ever built. Anyone can wash and detail a car in just a few minutes without any water hoses, buckets, or power cords. Simply fill the Full Function Atomizer with EcoSmart waterless detailing solution, give it three pumps, then start cleaning! The large bottle holds up to 50 ounces of waterless car wash product, enough to fully detail up to 20 vehicles with zero waste. Pre-labeled measuring marks make mixing and diluting products quick and easy, and the ergonomic trigger is integrated into the handle for comfortable point-and-spray accuracy. Fine atomizer sprayer tip reduces large drops to a fine mist for even coverage with minimal product use. The Full Function Atomizer is the versatile detailing tool for any professional or enthusiast. Substitute EcoSmart to tackle any detailing job inside or outside any vehicle: replace waterless car washes with window cleaners or quick detail sprays to clean windows, paintwork, wheels, and more. The heavy-duty plastic bottle pressure vessel is ¼ inch thick to take high pressure detailing and UV treated to protect the car wash solution inside. Choose the Full Function Atomizer & Pump Sprayer for fast, efficient, and effortless detailing anywhere, any time.

Convenient Detailing Solution
The Sunday morning car wash is a time-honored tradition. There’s nothing like taking the time to clean and reconnect with the garage queen or daily driver before setting out for the weekly grind. But not all enthusiasts have a driveway, garage, or access to running water where they park their car. For all those living in apartment complexes, condominiums, or areas with severe water restrictions, the Full Function Atomizer Sprayer offers convenient and professional detailing results. Normal bucket washing requires a hose, running water, several buckets, and over an hour of time just to clean a single car. Waterless detailing with a solution like EcoSmart and the Full Function Atomizer takes just a few minutes to wash, shine, and protect any car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. Simply pump up the bottle, then gently mist your favorite waterless car wash solution over your vehicle. Wipe up any dirt and debris in one direction with a premium microfiber towel, then flip to a clean side and buff away any streaks. Wash any vehicle anywhere, any time, and without using hundreds of gallons of running water on a single car wash by using the Full Function Atomizer & Pump Sprayer.

Responsible Eco-Friendly Car Cleaner
Water waste is an ever-growing concern. More and more people tap into the world’s water supply every day with less of it to go around. Something must be done to ensure everybody gets the life-giving water that they need. Chemical Guys is committed to offering eco-friendly solutions for cleaning and maintaining the world’s fleet of automobiles. The Full Function Atomizer & Pump Sprayer makes it easy to clean any vehicle anywhere, at any time, and without using running water, buckets, or a hose. Simply pump the handle three times, then press down on the ergonomic trigger handle to mist dirt and contamination with your favorite waterless car wash solution. The high pressure system of the Full Function Sprayer produces a finely atomized mist, which gives more efficient coverage and performance with minimal product usage or waste. A traditional car wash can use over 100 gallons of running water. A professional detailer or car enthusiast can clean, shine, and protect their car with EcoSmart and the Full Function Atomizer Sprayer with just a few ounces of water.

Maintaining Your Atomizer Sprayer
After detailing, release any compressed air from the Full Function Sprayer by loosening the sprayer handle until all the air hisses out to ensure maximum lifespan of the bottle, sprayer top, and seals. Vent all compressed air from the bottle to prevent premature wear on internal seals and gaskets when not in use. Tighten the handle back down to prevent product spillage during storage or transport.

How To Use:

  • Choose the correct detailing product for the job (waterless car wash/window cleaner/quick detail spray, etc.)
  • Fill the Full Function Sprayer bottle with the concentrated product and dilute with clean filtered/DI water according to specific cleaning needs.
  • Screw the pump and sprayer handle on tight. Pump the bottle 3 - 5 times.
  • Depress trigger to mist product over area to clean and detail.
  • Unscrew sprayer handle to release internal pressure once detailing work is complete.
  • Re-attach the handle firmly to prevent product leakage during storage or transport.

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