Carbon Collective Portable HEX Nano Machine Polisher

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The Carbon Collective Nano Machine Polisher Utilises the latest technology.

Dual Purpose – Easily adaptable between rotary and dual-action by removing the dual-action mechanism and replacing it with one of the backing plates provided, easily changed between 1″ and 2″ for maximum access, increase the reach of the polisher with our alloy extension bars (included).

Adaptable into a rotary polisher by removing the dual-action head.

Enjoy continuous use with two 2000mAh battery packs provided, one can be used in the machine whilst the other is on charge, ensuring the polisher is always ready to use.

The bright LED display shows you the exact RPM you are using, each step is adjustable by 1000rpm increments, ranging from 1000rpm to 7000rpm, enabling you to easily adjust the RPM and only use the speed necessary for the specific job.

The international charger included means whatever country you are in


  • -Ergonomic design with rubberised contact areas for maximum comfort and grip.
  • -Digital RPM readout (1000RPM increments)
  • -2 Batteries to allow continuous use (with one on charge)
  • -Adaptable to 1″ or 2″ backing plates (included)
  • -Increase the reach of the polisher with our optional alloy extension bars (included)


Machine accessories included in the kit:

  • -Nano Machine Polisher
  • -Hardcase Carry Case
  • -1X 65mm extension bar
  • -1x 35mm extension bar
  • -2x 2000mAh 12V battery packs
  • -International wall (mains) charger with 4 interchangeable plugs
  • -2″ Foam polishing pads X9
  • -1″ Foam polishing pads X15


2″ Polishing pads included:

  • -2″ Yellow polishing pads X3
  • -2″ Green polishing pads X3
  • -2″ Orange polishing pads X3
  • -2″ Felt polishing X2 (white)
  • -2″ Wool polishing pads X2 (purple)
  • -2″ Microfibre polishing pads X2 (blue)


1″ Polishing pads included:

  • -1″ Yellow polishing pads X5
  • -1″ Green polishing pads X5
  • -1″ Orange polishing pads X5
  • -1″ Felt polishing X2 (white)
  • -1″ Wool polishing pads X2 (purple)
  • -1″ Microfibre polishing pads X2 (blue)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Carbon Collective Portable HEX Nano Machine Polisher

    Had looked around for sometime for cordless polisher. kept coming back to this one. This polisher is amazing. From case to the amount of pads you get. Never had any polishers before but wanted to get into paint correction.
    Tried out on some scrap bonnets with pads in pack using Autosmart evo +.
    Result were fantastic for just starting out. Can't believe the results. I also purchased the carbon collective 15mm DA polisher too.
    Both products are IMO Quality and can't wait to use them more.


    Carbon Collective Portable HEX Nano Machine Polisher

    Ideal for my circumstances / budget.

    I’d been looking round for a while for a small DA, not wishing buy a PXE and bar it, nor the expense of a certain brid or be tied by a rotary snake. What I have discovered is that the CC is based on the SPTA machine [no doubt colour branded for them]. Yes, I could have got an SPTA imported, but with euro plug conversions and if there was a problem, have the issue of returns / replacements. Reviews of the “home brand” are on the tube confirming the same reversed on/off switch and +/- speed control [as if for a left hander] but no big issue. Thus, the CC came with a UK plug. It came with an additional M6 2” plate [on top of CC’s 1&2” included] but no additional 1” [easily sourced]. The one thing I was aware of when compared to alternatives was that in DA mode the throw weight spins exposed; however easily remedied by the “home” supplier by a couple of quid for an abs head cover [which is included in their version of identical kits] – perhaps one for the accessories team to look into as a bolt on.

    So far, a few trial plays with no other issues, the batts do take about 30 mins to charge and hold well. Just need more space and better weather to fully evaluate, but so far, it’s a “Ronseal”, does exactly what I wanted for tight concave body lines / areas.

    [pads came included but more brands are now offering smaller pads in their ranges - a bit steep but I guess not the wear of their big brothers].


    Carbon Collective Portable HEX Nano Machine Polisher

    Awesome piece of kit !

    I have been looking for a 'high-quality' / 'fair price' mini-polisher for some time, as the Rupes-ibrid is too expensive for home detailing of my x3 cars. Carbon Collective's Hex Nano-polisher, fits my requirements nicely and it's build quality / design is top notch with really good ergonomic feel, which exceeds expectations at this price point. All the accessories are good quality and getting the x2 extension bars will get into all the tight spots and ledges. If you want a Rupes level-quality polisher for £300-00 less than the ibrid, then this machine is highly recommended.

    in2detailing delivered my item on a next day courier and the service is flawless. Many thanks.



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