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A water based coating that serves as a quick-detailer or maintenance coating. Penetrating into the surface at the molecular level to ensure durability and efficiency.  Packaged as a concentrate, this product is truly versatile as dilution can be varied for different purposes. Extremely easy to use for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Bio Nano Pro is designed for routine maintenance on any surfaces with or wihout ceramic, quartz and glass coating. It has an excellent sleek finish and enhances gloss and reflectivity. It is suitable for use on all surfaces - paintwork, chrome, leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, glass and metal surfaces to protect and preserve.


Bio Nano pro is an eco-friendly and environmental compliance product. It contains Amino Siloxane and surfactants that is safe for everyday use.

  • Non-VOC
  • Non-dangerous goods category.
  • High Dilution with water ration 1ml to 14ml of water
  • No Streaking or staining
  • Low viscosity - Easy application
  • Non oily
  • Water-repelling and hydrophobic effect

Application (3 methods)

  • Spray neat to the panel.  Use a damp microfibre applicator (or cloth) to spread the product and use a fresh dry microfibre to remove.
  • Dilute 1ml to 14ml water and (approx 35ml in 500ml).  Spray onto a microfibre cloth.  Apply to panel.  Flip the cloth and buff to high shine
  • Dilute as above.  Spray onto a wet panel.  Use a pressure washer to rinse off.
  • We recommend wither of the top two methods for the most value for money

Benefits & advantages

  • Thermal and UV resistance
  • Gloss Enhancing
  • Sleek Finish
  • Prolongs paint protection coatings durability

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So far, so good.

Only two weeks since trying but so far, so good. Used it at 9 parts water to 1 part Bio Nano. Did a sample patch with a dry microfiber but found it hard to buff off. Watched a YouTube vid by a detailed and found they used a slightly damp microfiber to apply. I did the same and it was a lot easier. Perhaps something they could let users know?
Gloss was really good considering I'd only washed the car without decon or polish. So expecting goid things when I've done a full prep. Usage wise I've hardly used any after going round the whole car. With this in mind I'm also going to dilute at 14 to 1 and use as a QD after every other wash.

phenomenal product

i purchased this product after finding out about it from apex detailing video review of the product, this product is absolutely fantastic and versatile, it can be used and applied in various ways, works great as a drying aid, i use it as a booster for ceramic and a gloss aid, applied to a sponge applicator pad rub on in cross hatch pattern and wipe off with microfibre cloth and the glodd levels on my black car are insane. also use it on the wheels and wheel arches,

Easy to apply and good first impressions

The gloss levels have definitely increased and the depth of colour is enhanced too. Easily applied on a damp micro fibre towel and then buffed off. Also sprayed onto wet wheels and rinsed off, initial results are impressive will be interesting to see how it lasts.



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