Bilt Hamber Surfex HD

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Bilt Hamber Surfex HD - 1 Litre Spray Bottle/5 Litre Jerry Can
Multi Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
With increasing restrictions on the use of solvent-containing degreasers and cleaners safer, water-based materials have been developed. However it has been difficult to match the performance of the solvent-containing systems and increasing environmental restrictions on the ranges of acceptable water-based actives have further tested the formulators’ ability. Bilt-Hamber surfex HD provides performance levels that match and even exceed solvent systems while meeting the latest standards of biodegradability. surfex HD attacks all oil and grease based soiling, but unlike solvent based cleaners will additionally and effortlessly clean organic, or water deposited grime. Surfex HD can be adjusted in strength to suit the level of soil, remaining active at add levels of just 1 part to 200 in water for light work, or used neat for extreme duty. Surfex HD is recommended for all arduous automotive, commercial and domestic cleaning duties. Can be used on paint, alloy wheels, tyres, fabric, carpets and most surfaces. Spot tests are always advisable. Surfex HD can be sprayed, brushed or applied using pressure washer equipment.

A Comparison
Surfex HD contains zero VOC’s, is biodegradable, non-toxic and pleasant to use, yet it’s ability to remove grease and oil based contamination exceeds many well-know solvent based degreasers. Using water-based degreasers allows the adjustment of strength to suit the job, Surfex HD can be added to water at just 0.5% to form an effective cleaner for light application and increased in strength to neat if required for heavy industrial applications.

Please Note - Always Spot Test Before Use

Customer Reviews

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Steve Piner
Amazing Product

Firstly I’m just a guy that likes to keep my two cars looking their best, so I watch car detailing channels on YouTube for tips and advice. It was while watching one of these that i was introduced to the Bilt Hamber range of products. I liked that they’re a British company, but moreover I was super impressed by the impressed by the value/power for pound, that these products offer. All the while being environmentally safe and because they come in concentrated form, highly flexible - what’s not to like?
Anyway back to the review, I was just amazed the first time I used it. Because I kept my cars reasonably clean anyway and I was going to use it over the whole car, I thought I’d dilute it to 1:20 to start with, well… I was astounded, the cars have never been so clean, and ready for the next stages of my wash ritual. If you’re looking for the best, most versatile APC, look no further.

Jhovan B

Bilt Hamber Surfex HD

Duwain hayles
Surfex hd

Very good product. Used it on my youtube channel.
Certified rides

Barry Sawyer
surfex Hd

By far the best all purpose cleaner I have used & excellent value

Stephen Callaghan
Brilliant product!

As a prewash, APC type of fluid why buy anything else!! BUY IT!



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