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Bilt Hamber Auto Foam - 5 Litre Jerry Can Style Bottle
There is absolutely no point in using expensive waxes and sealants striving to achieve a perfect end finish if you don’t get the basics right at the outset. Most swirls and paint imperfections have to be addressed later on in the process because of poor detailing preparation and the effects of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) on paint (such as 'own goal' damage from grit and grime) having to be removed. However careful we all might strive to be, sometimes we make mistakes and damage happens. So it makes sense to be as methodical and as careful as we can be, from the very first stages of the cleaning process, not just at the end.

Bilt-Hamber’s auto-foam, is the result of extensive in-house research and development. auto-foam will reduce even further the possibility of damage to paintwork by presenting you with beautifully clear FOD free paint, ready for subsequent detailing.

Bilt-Hamber auto-foam is a new generation premium quality, foaming water-based pre wash treatment, designed to soak and saturate soiled vehicle paintwork prior to the application of vehicle shampoo and paint food. auto-foam is gentle too and is for use with all pressure washer foam lances. Applied at a typical PIR (Panel Impact Ratio) of 4%. auto-foam will panel dwell for typically 5 minutes. auto-foam is formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting, it rinses easily too. It is not designed as a superficial high foam product but as a functional material.

Auto-foam is made with biodegradable compounds, is extraordinarily tough on soil and grime, yet harmless to paint, its non-caustic formulation ensures that even regular use will not attack paint binders. Our hard working surfactants will attack and penetrate the hardest of road dirt and grime, without the need for manual intervention.

During the panel dwell period, auto-foam’s bubbles will systematically burst and move, encouraging our soaking and cleansing agents to start working. The effects of road grime are neutralised by them, by being bonded within our blend of surfactants, and then lifted from painted surfaces and physically removed, minimising harm caused by swirling and marking during subsequent detailing.

When its work has been done, auto-foam may be washed off in a conventional manner, leaving a well presented automotive surface, perfectly ready for further treatments.

For excessively soiled surfaces, simply increase PIR and/or number of applications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Great stuff, best snow foam I have ever used. Really does break down the dirt and grime, though the lack of really thick foam may put others off.
Might have to try the new Bilt Hamber product 'touch less' prewash at some point but it will need to be something else to stop me using using autofoam

Sam Walker
5 star

Used a few other snow foam/pre wash but nothing compares to bilt hamber auto foam the best i have used and great service by in2detailing for providing this great product at good price.

daniel dawidiuk
Snow foam

Great pre wash, not a thick foam but it takes all the dirt off the car and your not left with foam sitting on driveway after wash. My go to snow foam

Stephen Mcconnell

Really good wish I’d bought some years ago !!

Andrew Goodman
Best value snow foam

I have found this snow foam to be excellent as a pre-wash for our dirty countryside cars. I spray on the foam to a dry filthy car, leave it until the bubbles start to diminish, then blast it off. Use it at the correct ratio for your sprayer, and you’ll get good results. It also doesn't leave your driveway looking like you’ve just had a foam disco, with only small amounts of residual foam which typically dissipates after a few hours. No nonsense products from BH, and best value for money. If your cars aren’t as dirty as mine, cut your quantities and make it go further.



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