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ValetPro Snow Seal 500ml

ValetPro Snow Seal 500ml

Koch Chemie PW - ProtectorWax

Koch Chemie PW - ProtectorWax

Tonyin Versatile Ceramic Spray Sealant

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Tonyin Versatile Ceramic Spray Sealant is a new product in the Tonyin range.
Designed to either be used as standlone protection or as topper for exiting protection.
Provies exceptional gloss and water behaviour keeping the car cleaner for longer!

This highly versatile spray sealant can be used one of 2 ways
1) Wash and Dry your vehicle (for optimal results we recommend a full decontamination however this is not essential).  Mist the product onto a microfibre applicator pad and spread evenly onto the panel.  Use a fresh, plush microfibre to remove and buff to a perfect finish.  This product can be sprayed direcly onto the panel, spread with one microfibre cloth and buffed off with another. 
2) Wash the vehicle as normal.  Whilst still wet, spray the product directly onto the panels and immediately rinse off with pressure.

This product is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastic trims and alloy wheels

Durability wise, we advise approximately 4+ months protection depding on application

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