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Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL

Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL

Scholl Concepts Shock2Cut Extra Cut High Gloss 500g

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Scholl Concepts SHOCK2CUT 500g Extreme Cut Compound is a unique, high performance, extreme cut compound, offering an excellent level of gloss.  Covering a wide range of applications on all common paint systems.

Detailing of weathered and scratched paint surfaces has never been more simple! Due to continuous further improvements of Scholl Concepts iPT Powder Technology this polish has been developed to remove deep scratches and treats weathered surfaces quickly and effortlessly in only one step, regardless of the hardness of the clear coat system.

Despite its tremendous cutting performance, the superior, mirror-like gloss of this compound is remarkable.

The most efficient and fastest, one step Scholl compound
Removes 1500 grit sanding marks in seconds, leaving a brilliant finish
Unmatched cutting and gloss features
Virtually no dust contamination during use Intelligent powder technology (iPT)
Ideal for fresh and scratch-resistent surfaces including UV cured paints
Does not contain wax, silicone or toxic solvents
We recommend the White Spider Sandwich Pad, or the Navy Blue Spider Cutting Pad

Cut: 6/6
Gloss: 4/6

500g bottle

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