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Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt Medium - Purple

Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt Medium - Purple

in2Detailing Aggressive Grade Clay Bar 200g

in2Detailing Aggressive Grade Clay Bar 200g

in2Detailing Regular Grade Clay Bar 200g

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The in2Detailing Regular Grade clay bar is not to be confused with the cheap Chinese clay that is flooding the market today.

We have tried and tested alot of clay bars and settled on these as the best value and performing clay bar that we can put our name on.

The Regular Grade bar will be suitable for most applications however if the car is not well taken care of and has alot of built up contamination then we recommend using our Medium Grade clay bar (red colour).  Likewise if it is quite a new car with very little contamination, or if it is just a maintenance decomtamination you are doing, then our Fine Grade (blue colour) will be more suitable
The Regular Grade bar is quite malleable and will stay this way even in cooler temperatures.
The contimination pick up is excellent and this clay bar is guaranteed to deliver fantasti results..........or we'll give you your money back!

We recommend a full chemical decontamination prior to use which would involve the use of a Tar and Fallout remover.

To use, simply cut/break the 200g bar into 4 manageable sizes pieces.  We recommend storing the remaining clay in the plastic wrapper and in the hard case that the clay bar is devlivered in.
Use a diluted soapy solution or dedicated clay lubricant to wet the surface before moving the clay bar back and forth in straight line motions.  Very little pressure is required.
If the clay bar becomes contaminated, fold and mould to reveal a clean surface
We recommend re-washing the vehicle after the clay bar process 


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