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Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish - 500ml

Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish - 500ml

TAC Systems Paintwork Cleaner - 150ml

TAC Systems Paintwork Cleaner - 150ml

Detailing Kingdom FDC

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Detailing Kingdom FDC (Fluid Dynamics Carnauba) Coating - 500ml/4 Litre
Detailing Kingdom FDC is a carnauba based pre wax cleanser and coating/sealant producing a deep gloss and wet look.  It contains the finest Carnauba sourced directly from Brazil.  Completely Silicone free and able to perform removal of 3000 grit sanding equivelent, FDC can be used as an Anti-Hologram and is ideal for all Uni-Lacquer.  FDC 0will lay down a layer of Carnauba protection however can be topped with a wax of your choice to increase durability.

FDC is particularly essential for those intend to apply Glass coating or Silica coating. As a last step before checking surface with IPA.  FDC would act as a cleaner from all compound residue and enhancement surface.

FDC can be applied by machine (with a soft finishing pad) or by hand.  Depending on the level or cut required you can select a finishing pad (for no cut), or light poloshing pad (for light cutting).  During polishing FDC will create a light coloured layer.  Leave the residue for 5 minutes before removing with a microfibre cloth.

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