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Artdeshine Cube Hybrid Bond 50ml

Artdeshine Cube Hybrid Bond 50ml

Artdeshine Ayicon 50ml

Artdeshine Ayicon 50ml

Artdeshine Illusion Pro 50ml

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An evolution from the legacy product now redeveloped to serve all detailing and surface protection professionals and enthusiasts. A reliable product with an easy application to provide a long term protection at competitive prices.

Artdeshine Illusion Pro is formulated primarily for clear coat protection against any contamination. It has an excellent adhesion to most types of clear coat i.e. water based or oil based. Due to the abrasion resistance, the Illusion Pro can reduce swirls created during cleaning.  Illusion Pro brings out a very good gloss on lighter coloured cars (white etc).


After curing, it forms a thin but dense film layer of 1-2 uMicrons. Illusion Pro is able to be applied manifold for effective surface protection.

  • Non-VOC
  • Non-dangerous goods/Non-flammable category.
  • Wear and abrasion resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low viscosity - Easy application
  • Strong alkali corrosion resistance  pH10 – pH12
  • Water-repelling and hydrophobic effect


  • Apply a few drops to the ceramic coating applictor 
  • Apply to the panel, explorer can be applied to a full panel
  • Allow to cure for up to 5 minutes minutes before removing
  • After 3 hours the car can be driven if necessary however we recommend allowing to cure for 12 hours
  • Do not wash for 7 days

Benefits & advantages

  • High boiling point
  • Thermal and UV resistance
  • Room temperature curing without thermal lamp
  • Re-workable without polishing process
  • Durability from 1 to 2 years (based on maintenance methods employed by Artdeshine)
  • Hydrophobicity durability from 6 to 12 months
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