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Detailing Kingdom Poly Kleer (250ml) - PART 2

Detailing Kingdom Poly Kleer (250ml) - PART 2

Tonyin Headlight Restoration Full Kit

Tonyin Headlight Restoration Full Kit

Detailing Kingdom RUV (250ml) - PART 1

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Detailing Kingdom RUV is part 1 of the DK Headlight Restoration Kit.
Once applied, RUV is restoring the UV protection that comes as standard on normal headlight.  This is the only product to do this.  By applying UV protection to the headlight significantly increase the time before the hazing/yellowing re-occvurs.  This is why the DK Headlight retoration kit is guaranteed to last for at least 3 years

How to Use:
   -   Shake well before use
   -   Make sure all wet sanding steps have been completed properly and the headlight has been thoroughly degreased.
   -   Spray RUV from apploximately 10cm distance from the headlight and ensure thorough and even coverage.  The headlight will look cloudy immediately after application.  This is normal.  
   -   Allow to dry - the headlight should become clear

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