Garry Dean's Infinite Use Detail Juice

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Garry Dean's Infinite Use Detail Juice - 16oz/US Gallon (128oz)
This ONE amazing product will detail and protect your entire vehicle inside and out! This concentrate dilutes 2.5 fl.oz to 1 gallon of distilled water. This magical concoction of detailing juiciness concentrate has a plethora of wonderful uses, including, but not limited to: Rinseless Wash, Waterless Wash, Water Softener, Detail Spray, Spray Wax, Clay Bar Lubricant, Interior Wipe, and Glass Cleaner.

Use it straight to dress your tires, leather, plastic, engine bay, and trim. How awesome is that? Well, I say it’s pretty friggin awesome, but don't just take my word for it try it for yourself.

Please note - We have converted to Litres and ml to make it a bit easier.  Although the measurements are not exactly as they would in gallons and fl.oz, all of them have been tested and are perfect for using.

For rinseless wash and water softener, add 1/4 fl.oz to 1 gallon of water for the Garry Dean Wash Method.  In ml, that would be approximately 7ml in 3.8 litres of water or to make it a bit easier 2ml per litre.
When using as a water softener, add 1/4 fl.oz to your wash bucket in addition to your soap (in ml see above)
Add 2.5 fl.oz to 1 gallon of distilled water for every other use••.  In ml that would be approximately 71ml per 3.8 litres or to make it easier 19ml per litre.

Remember to always wash using the Garry Dean Wash Method and always store your wash media in a sealed plastic bag to prevent dirt and dust particles from settling in which could induce swirl marks and scratches. This concentrate will not strip your wax or sealant. It is enriched with special polymers that add fantastic slickness and wonderful protection.

Garry Dean's Infinite Use Detail Juice has a huge variety of different uses including: * Waterless Wash * Detail Spray * Spray Wax * Clay Bar Lubricant * Interior Wipe * Glass Cleaner * Light duty carpet cleaner * Water softener * Tire dressing * Interior and Exterior, leather, plastic, and UV Protectant and Dressing

•• 16 fl.oz –  Makes 6.4 gallons once diluted
•• 128 fl.oz – Makes 51.2 gallons once diluted 

What is the Garry Dean Wash Method?

The Garry Dean Wash Method (GDWM) is a rinseless wash, but in practice is much more. Using the GDWM and IUDJ you can wash and protect your car in 3 simple steps.

1) Pre Soak your panel with a solution of IUDJ and Plain Water @ a dilution of 19ml per litre. We will be supplying measuring cups with IUDJ for accurate measuring although if you are using the 16oz bottle then the cap is 1/4 oz so 3 cap fulls per litre.
2) In a separate bucket add one capful (0.25oz/7ml) to 3.5-4 Litres of water. I have made a small mark on my bucket so I know where to fill to. Add some standard microfiber cloths to this bucket, I use 6 per wash. Take one cloth out of the bucket, fold in 4 and starting from the top of the panel work down wiping in straight horizontal strokes. For dirtier panels flip the cloth half way to do the bottom. Once all four sides of the cloth have been used, discard this cloth and use a new one.
3) Use a drying towel to dry the panel

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