Chemical Guys Wonder Wash Car Shampoo 16oz

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Wonder Wash Soap/Car Wash Shampoo (16 oz)

Why Buy This Product?

   -   Concentrated suspension technology
   -   Maximum suds
   -   Super slick formula
   -   pH neutral for sensitive cleaning
   -   Safe for use on freshly sealed and waxed surfaces
   -   Concentrated formula

About Wonder Wash
Chemical Guys Wonder Wash is a revolutionary premium shampoo designed to work wonders on your vehicle’s paintwork. Utilizing advanced concentrated suspension technology, Wonder Wash lifts, breaks down and releases dirt particles from the vehicle’s surface. Micro-sized oxygen enriched bubbles trap dirt particles for easy removal that results in a clean, slick surface. Wonder Wash is 100% pH balanced making the wash solution safe on any surface. The unique formula is extra slick and perfect for gently removing dirt and grime. We designed Wonder Wash with oxygen infused technology that safely lifts dirt particles away from the paintwork. Wonder Wash is perfect for washing any vehicle and is safe to use in direct sunlight. Great for washing old and new cars while also maintaining your vehicle’s protective coat of wax or sealant. Wonder Wash creates a wonderful car wash experience and a brilliant shine.

There is nothing more rewarding than giving that special something a bath, and of course, we are talking about your ride. Whether you are bathing a hot rod, exotic car or your daily driver, the wash is the most important step in the detailing process. We designed Wonder Wash to be the perfect detailing shampoo for all vehicles. Chemical Guys Wonder Wash is pH neutral and safe for use on all exterior surfaces delivering a classy finish that is ready for your weekend drive. Super slick formula allows the wash mitt to glide effortlessly over your vehicle. Oxygen infused suspension technology safely removes dirt, grime and filth to ensure a perfect finish. Only 1 ounce of Wonder Wash is needed to create foaming car wash suds. Wonder Wash is safe on clear coat, single stage and custom paintwork. Our amazing Wonder Wash is the perfect choice to wash any vehicle.

The Science Behind Wonder Wash
When designing Chemical Guys Wonder Wash we wanted to take the unique suspension technology found in Diablo Gel and apply that to a premium auto wash. We were amazed with the results. The millions of tiny oxygen-enriched bubbles trap dirt particles and safely lift them away from the vehicle’s paintwork leaving a clean and slick surface. These unique characteristics are complimented by its paramount-suds forming properties making Chemical Guys Wonder Wash an exceptional auto wash shampoo for the professional as well as the weekend warrior. Surface sensitivity is an important key factor when engineering a premium automotive shampoo which is why Chemical Guys Wonder Wash was formulated to be pH neutral and balanced. This means that Wonder Wash is safe for use on any exterior surface including single-stage paintwork, base coat/clear coat paintwork and vinyl-wrapped surfaces. Chemical Guys Wonder Wash is also safe for use on freshly sealed or waxed surfaces so you can rest assured that all of your hard work will remain intact. One ounce of Wonder Wash is all that is needed to fill a 5-gallon bucket with slick soapy car wash suds.

Help Prevent Swirls And Scratches
When you are done washing your car and ready to dry it, use After Wash to not only speed the drying process, but also moisturize your paint. 95% of swirls and scratches come from poor wash and drying habits. The advanced lubricating polymers in After Wash glide any premium microfiber towel over paintwork for a scratch-free shine. After Wash is available in 4 ounce, 16 ounce and gallon sizes.

How To Use:
   -   Shake Well.

   -   Add 1 oz. of Wonder Wash to 5 gallons of water.
   -   Wash surface.
   -   Rinse using clean water for perfect shine.

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