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Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Super Combo Kit

Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Super Combo Kit

SimpleWax Armour V2  **NEW**

SimpleWax Armour V2 **NEW**

**NEW** Artdeshine Obsidian Wax 200g

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ArtDeShine Kotsos Wax is a hybrid wax containing the highest quality Carnauba wax and silicon most commonly used in quartz and ceramic coatings.
This combination gives amazing visual and hydrophobic effects as well as being highly durable.
This excellent wax helps to achieve a wet and deep shine on your car
It creates a hydrophobic layer that reduces the contact surface of the water drop and as a consequence we have a very strong and quick effect of repelling water from the surface

The wax lasts 3-6 months (depending on the use of the car and the chemistry used for washing)

For several years, wax has been appreciated by thousands of users around the world, since the creation of Kotsos Wax has been constantly developing and has now been the second improvement.

What distinguishes the latest version of Kotsos Wax from the previous ones is:
- Change in consistency: more compact but still slightly "greasy", performance still at a sensational level and the application a little easier due to the possibility of taking smaller amounts of wax on the applicator
- Fragrance, in the current version we have got rid of the nuisance chemical smell and currently there is a slight smell of vanilla during application
- Even higher glass than before, this has been verified by both end user feedback as well as increased gloss meter readings.
- More professional and higher quality packaging (basically, better presentation jar)

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