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Bouncer's H.S.F (Hydrophobic Snow Foam)

Bouncer's H.S.F (Hydrophobic Snow Foam)

Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Super Combo Kit

Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Super Combo Kit

Infinity Wax Synergy Vitality 250ml

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Vitality is a true marvel of what can be accomplished with a little creativity. A fully accomplished ceramic resin coating in its own right but with a twist, this product has zero solids content and it highly flexible. This allows Vitality to remain on surfaces where a solid coating may be prone to failure or when in contact with aggressive conditions (like sitting behind a gritter) in essence this is the ideal topcoat for any ceramic coating to give a durability boost or to protect in the harsher months.

Safety Considerations
The spray may cause irritation to eyes and skin, always wear gloves when using chemicals. If irritation develops stop using right away and wash the affected area with cold soapy water or eyewash if in eyes. Seek medical advice if the irritation develops into a rash or becomes painful. 

Application Instructions
Apply to a coated or uncoated vehicle to boost protection or as a stand-alone sealant with 8-12 months protection. 

Atomize a small amount of product over 1 panel at a time before spreading with an application Flexi sponge or similar. Crosshatching the coating will see the best results before allowing to cure for 5-15 mins in a cool shaded area. Remove using our short pile towel or similar before a final wipedown with a plush buffing towel. 

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