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ArtDeShine Graphene Coating 30ml Retail Kit

ArtDeShine Graphene Coating 30ml Retail Kit

Feynlab Overcoat 30ml

Feynlab Overcoat 30ml

in2Detailing Coating Display Bonnet (UK Plug)

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Bonnets come uncoated, and may have some light wipe marring.  You can choose to coat the whole bonnet, maybe do a 50/50 to show uncaoted vs coated, it entirely up to you

Approximate dimensions are 330mm x 270mm x 355mm (L x W x H).  Compact enough to even sit on your desk!

We recommend d-ionised or filtered water as to not block the water jets with limescale

Base made from a sealed plastic unit, bonnet is alloy and runs on a UK plug adaptor (included).

Installation and assembly instructions for water splashing machine:
1. The rear of the unit slides into the back of the base unit, you will see a gap for this when you get the unit.
2. The power plug connect to the back of the unit at the top (so the vertical section with the water jets).  If you turn the unit around, you will see where the power connects in the top left corner.
3. You will see a black cable with a further 2 wires connected to it.  One of these connects to the rear of the base unit.  The other connects to the pump (see below)
4. The pump sits within the base of the unit.  The cable feeds out through on of the rectangluar holes at the back of the unit and plugs into one of the connectors from step 3. above.
5. The clear/white tube which feeds the water to the jets connects to the pump.  This can be fed through one of the rectangluar holes in the rear of the unit.  Please adjust accordingly so they are no kinks in the tube which will restrict water flow.
6. Position the bonnet within the base of the unit.  There are 2 plastic holders within the base for the bonnet to sit in.  The bonnet corners can either rest of the back of the unit or sit within 2 slots in the rear of the unit (you may need to raise the rear of the unit slightly so the click into place)
7. Fill the base of the unit with water so the pump itself is covered.
8. If all connected and set up correctly, power on the unit with the red switch located at the side of the unit.

If water is not coming out of every nozzle, please do not be alarmed.
Each water jet is adjustable from stop to full flow individually, and made from durable alloy.
Move the little tap like lever to the right to lower the water flow and to the left to increase.  As you adjust, water will start to flow from all the jets.  This can take a few minutes to get exactly right and how you want it.

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