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Detailing Kingdom Liquid Sand Matting Compound

Detailing Kingdom Liquid Sand Matting Compound

Detailing Kindom FINALI

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The Next Cut Technology had successfully made a water based Nano compound for the new generation scratch free lacquer - FINALI.   It is a short play compound, however it's powder has High efficiency in eliminating 2000 grit scratches, Holograms & Films to express a deeper gloss. 

Excellent Viscosity and emits almost zero dust formation. This compound is extremely effective when pairing with DK pad - Fury OG (Medium Cutting). It produces clear and absolute results in removing fine scratches. It is a finishing compound and it is meant for 2nd step polishing. For “Coating applicators” this would be choice compound as it reduces time yet producing uncompromised surface reflection.

FINALI has a Brilliant Gloss level when finished even when surface prep is applied. FINALI is extremely important for those dealing in Coatings, as it has much lesser oil to deal with when wipe down with microfiber towel.

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