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SiRamik SC Vision+ 250ml

SiRamik SC Vision+ 250ml

CNS Glass Guard (50ml)

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  • Glass Guard is the latest technology (Si) single layer glass coating.
  • Up to 12 months per application.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Contains NANO CAPSULES to bind to surface.
  • Great for windscreens, shower booths, mirrors, porcelain, granite or ceramic tiles.

Glass Guard
Glass Guard Ceramic Coating is an extremely easy to apply Ceramic Coating for Glass, Porcelain or Ceramic tiles. A truly unique single layer product that contains Nano Capsules that break down with rubbing motion and bind the silicon (Si) to the surface.

Glass Guard has been independently tested, and will help to increase visibility while driving and improve reaction times of stopping distances by 1 second in heavy rain situations.

How to use:
Apply 5-10 drops on an applicator block.
Rub over surface (12″x12″ area) in any direction until product appears clear.
Repeat the process for the entire glass surface of the vehicle (you can do every window on the car before removing).
Mist window with water and remove residue with a Microfibre cloth.

When rubbing the product over the surface the Ceramic is trying to repel the glass. Keep rubbing gently until the NANO CAPSULES have burst and released the binding agent. It will no longer be “bubbling” on the surface and will appear smooth.

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