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DAS 6 Pro Plus & Mini Dual Action Machine Polisher Bundle

DAS 6 Pro Plus & Mini Dual Action Machine Polisher Bundle

Tac System Maroon Medium Polishing Pad

Tac System Maroon Medium Polishing Pad

CNS Aqua Coat Pro 1x40ml /1x10ml

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  • Aqua Coat Series is a single layer professional series.
  • 2 hour air dried patented technology.
  • 9H Hard (SGS Independently tested).
  • Unique hardener mixing system.
  • 2-3 cars per bottle.
  • Exclusive for professional detailers.

Aqua Coat Pro
Aqua Coat Pro is an “AIR DRIED” Professional Hardened Ceramic Coating.

This “Air Dried” Professional coating has 2 hours drying time, and is highly recommended for Professional Detailers. It is very cost effective (2-3 cars per bottle) and has a unique slickness never before seen in a Ceramic Coating.

This is the best single layer Professional Grade coating on the market today.

How to Use:
Make sure the paintwork is thoroughly cleaned/prepared and panel wiped using a proprietary panel wipe to ensure paintwork is contaminant free.
The Box Contains 2 bottles.
Remove the caps from both bottles and pour contents of the small bottle(10ml) into the 50ml bottle, and mix well. (Once mixed use within 7 days).
Using an applicator block apply a small amount directly on to the block. Wipe over the vehicle in straight lines.
Leave to bond for around 30 seconds.
Gently wipe the surface with a microfibre buffing cloth until no smears are on surface.
Any excess product (smears) can be removed with a damp mircofibre buffing cloth.

If you find a smear “dark patch” once you have completed the vehicle. Simply apply a small amount of Aqua Coat Pro on the surface and wipe away with a microfibre buffing cloth.

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