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Koch Chemie TEX - Ink & Ballpoint Pen Remover 250ml

Koch Chemie TEX - Ink & Ballpoint Pen Remover 250ml

Carbon Collective Onyx Twisted Drying Towel

Carbon Collective Onyx Twisted Drying Towel

Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Pad Set (5 inch)

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Five much needed pads in one kit!

The Reflection Artist Pad Kit by Buff and Shine is a combination of the most useful and powerful pads. This custom designed pad combination was created from select pads in the Buff and Shine Uro line, as well as, newly designed pads. Together, these pads create the all-in-one pad system you need in your detailing arsenal.  These pads can allow you to acheive full correction on 80-90% of vehciles when coupled with the right choice of compound.

The Reflection Artist Pad Kit contains the Grey Uro-Wool Blend Pad, Uro-Fiber Microfiber Pad, Uro-Tec Maroon Foam Pad, Uro-Tec Dark Blue Foam Pad and the Uro-Tec Yellow Foam Pad. These pads are incredibly versatile and work on gear driven, free-spinning, short throw and long throw machines from any brand manufacturer. The Reflection Artist Pad Kit will also work with your favorite polish and compound combination.

The Grey Uro-Wool pad uses a blend of processed wool that is knitted into the pad, rather than twisted. The fact that this pad is knitted wool allows for a minimal amount of lint floating around. This pad is soft to the touch but still dense thanks to the proprietary blend. The fibers on this wool pad are more fused together as compared to others, thereby allowing more product to remain on the face of the pad.

The Uro-Fiber Microfiber Pads are engineered to a standard pile height and a shorter profile that provides great finishing results. The Uro-Tec pads are made with high-quality open cell euro foam that has a higher density, which will reduce pad softening that some people experience during heavy use with their machines. The open cell construction helps disperse heat during use and the balance of the pads reduces vibration. All these factors leave to a superior polishing job.

Individually, this pad set would cost close to £60 so you are getting a great saving over buying each pad individually.
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