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Artdeshine H2O-S Quick Detailer 500ml

Artdeshine H2O-S Quick Detailer 500ml

Artdeshine Silica Seal 1000ml

Artdeshine Silica Seal 1000ml

Artdeshine Obsidian Wax 200g

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Artdekotsos Obsidian Wax reforms a new era in which the traditional car wax hybrid with cutting edge, synthetic ingredients to form the ultra high gloss, high bonding car wax with hydrophobic water repel.

   -   Shine/Gloss
   -   Protection from airborne contaminants
   -   Easy washing
   -   Fills in scratches (slight filling effect, mre evident on darker coloured cars)

ArtDeShine's Obsidian Wax is a hybrid wax containing the highest quality Carnauba wax and silicon used most often in quartz and ceramic coatings.
This combination gives amazing visual effects, hydrophobic and high durability.

This excellent wax helps achieve a wet and deep shine on your car.

It creates a hydrophobic layer that results in some of the most stunning beads you will see, helping to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer

The durability of the wax is 3-6 months (depending on the use of the car and the chemicals used for cleaning)

The set includes one of our UFO foam applicators, one of our 280gsm Korean Microfibre cloths as well as one of the 470gsm microfibre cloths.

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle.  For best results we recommend a full decontamination
2. Apply a little wax to the applicator.  Please note, this wax is quite soft so only a very light swipe is needed.  The wax also spread very easily
3. Apply a thinnest layer on one car body panel.  More does not equal a better result.  In fact quite the opposite!
4. Allow to cure for approximately 10-15 minutes before removing with a soft microfiber cloth.  We recommend going over the area with a fresh plush microfiber to further boost the gloss.
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