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Artdeshine Bio Clean and Shine

Artdeshine Bio Clean and Shine

Artdeshine Explorer 50ml

Artdeshine Explorer 50ml

Artdeshine Nano Gloss Paint Sealant (NGPS)

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The NGPS (Nano Gloss Paint Sealant) is designed for quick and easy application after cleaning to preserve surfaces and leaving it silky smooth when touched.  Works and dry and damp surfaces.  A suitable product to supplement and maintain Artdeshine coatings.  Contains natural cleaners to remove dirt/grime.

Suitable for metals, paintworks (gloss, matte or chrome), plastics, glass, ribber, vinyl/canvas.

1. Clay and Wash surface
2. Wipe dry with damp cloth
3. Spray product onto surface or onto a microfiber cloth/applicator
4. Spread on area 1m x 1m with microfiber cloth
5. Buff to ensure no product residue remains visible on surface
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